I am Vaishali Adwant, fashion designer, artist, creative writer, and vocalist. I design for my label, Faporazee. I dwell in art, music, filmmaking, storytelling, screenwriting. This is my blog about business articles, entrepreneurship, my insights and ideas about the same to inspire my readers to work on ideas that generate business with ethics, social responsibility, and spirituality. The idea of business is not making money alone, but to create value and experience for employees, associates, customers, and all those who associate with an enterprise.

The objective of this blog is to inspire my readers and add value to their life and make a difference in their ideologies for better. I read and reflect upon various aspects of business, mindsets, outcomes, human psyche, emotions, perceptions, and how together these aspects affect the way we function leading to success or failures.

I experiment with ideas, that is also one of the reasons why I am a serial blogger blogging in various niches am passion about and over which I also have expertise and authority. Every content (original insights) you find in this blog is from my personal experience and how I deal with various challenges. I prefer to share them with my readers with the goal to motivate them in any way I can. Hope you like what you read, and it makes a difference in your life in a positive way. Happy Reading!

Read about my journey of building my brand Faporazee which is bespoke customized clothing, accessories, and boots designed by me.

All the pictures used in this blog are for illustration purpose only.

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