Productivity can be boosted when you empower your employees and teams by valuing their strengths and focusing to bring out the best in them through various team building activities. It is essential to boost the morale of those who work with you and for you to create milestones and let everyone progress along.

Work place is not about growth, numbers, and reaching business goals alone. A good work culture sets clear expectations of what is acceptable and what isn’t. There is no ambiguity in a healthy work environment where transparency and honesty is practiced. It eliminates internal competition and creates a sense of community and a positive workforce working towards fulfilling business goals experiencing personal growth.

A decade back diversity was not acceptable. Recruitment process had stringent prerequisites but has evolved over a period where people with diverse skills are ushered. One of the essential ingredients to build within the organization is trust.

Building Trust To Empower Employees

How is trust built? When conscious efforts are made to create an open and candid culture, where employees are encouraged to voice their opinions about genuine matters that concern them, it builds trust. There was a time where emotional well being was not taken into consideration and the focus was only on reaching business goals.

An organization that encourages compassion, kindness, and good virtues, not only stands a change of growth multifold, but builds a culture of trust within the organization.

How Does Compassion Work In A Competitive Place?

One of the best ways to stay compassionate at place or work is to create your benchmark for yourself. When you compete with yourself, there is less focus on being involved in petty office politics. It also helps you be compassionate even towards those who are competing with you. It needs daily conditioning of the mind to let go annoyances, stay assertive, and compassionate.

Learn to say ‘no’ when you have to and also be kind to your fellow workers. Bring out the best in them instead of competing with them. It has a ripple effect. It can be tough, but when you feel content with yourself, it becomes easier to bring out the best in others.

Dealing With Conflicts

Being honest and upfront resolves most of the conflicts. It does not give gaslighting, passive-aggressive behaviors to waltz at place of work. Those who genuinely think about work, has less time to be involved in office politics, and ‘he said, she said,’ scenarios. When clear rules and expectations are set, it becomes easier to deal with conflicts at place of work with fairness.

Empowering Teams

It is a responsibility to bring out the best in teams. Taking interest in individual strengths and weaknesses, skillets, and analyzing personalities can give you a cue of which route to take to empower individuals in a team. One size does not fit all. Though you are handling a team, everyone is a different individual and cannot be motivated with a standard set of rules. Your approach towards empowering teams has to be flexible being open to let people have their say, to understand them enough to bring out the best in them.

It is essential to understand personalities and what ticks them or discourages them so you know which areas to focus on that builds them enough to do their best. Team building activities increase social interactions and bring together the extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts to communicate. It is essential to analyze personalities so you know how to build their strengths and shine as a team.

Encourage Creativity And Communication

Create fun activities where employees feel relaxed and can be themselves without putting a facade. It encourages them to be genuine, unblocks them emotions, and be expressive. It helps them develop better personalities and seek personal growth through these activities.


A work place is where you spend most of your time. Ensure you choose a place with a healthy work culture that believes in encouraging individual growth. We work, it’s a part of our life. We work to build our lives. But let it not dictate how you are made to feel about yourself. Choose a place that makes you feel motivated to go everywhere, and stay assertive and compassionate no matter where you work.