Zen Habits And Minimalistic Living To Battle The Corona Effect

How far have you been running, ignoring the bliss of being with loved ones, family, n enjoying a pace doing the minimal. Those used to minimalistic living will not find the lockdown challenging.

This is a way mother nature n earth is on a self-healing mode. Letting the human race understand the importance of primitive living, about how essentials are enough to live n do good.

It’s time the entire human race has come to a stand still to pay obeyance to values, way of life, and ideologies we have left behind in esoteric manuscripts and parchments.

Those values and lifestyle which were mocked over and over for the want to explore experimental lifestyle amalgamated with technological mayhem creating unbearable chaos, now put to rest.

Reminds me of the lotus-eaters from Tennyonson’s poetry. A stage of calm and relaxation after a stage of chaos, mayhem, and excess. Climatic changes, excess use and dependence on technology and the era of instant gratification has been turned back.

People are compelled to stay with their families and bond. Those asshole bosses are compelled to put a tight leash on exploiting employees, those who have been abused with overwork under the hands of unscrupulous management have a middle finger to show in crimson and enjoy the phase of getting back to their cheerful selves.

Those with bad relations within families are compelled to bond and be compassionate regardless of incorrigible differences. Those who never had time for themselves get a good amount of time and space for self-reflection.

This is a great phase for the entire human race to look on the inside and overhaul lifestyle and thinking patterns. A transformation much needed when so much is going on all over the world that even the bad guys are compelled to put a leash on their crimes and criminal behaviour.

Time to turf out all the excess and adapt a zen, minimalistic lifestyle with simple living and thought patterns.

We are made to understand the importance of time, natural resources, relations, and human values forgotten over decades and centuries.

We are pushed into having faith and heal; understand the values of our spiritual existence making us live through the principles of existancialism.

Social distancing is a time of reflection on how we have been viewing the very idea of human relations. This is a time of heali g for all, in every way, in every aspect and look inwards of what we want that brings true meaning into our lives.


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