Love And Compassion In Everyday Life

Love, the strongest and the most powerful emotion that binds the universe. We have forgotten its essence in times of corona, winning the rat race, and everything else. Do you consciously remember to love yourself? How else would you give it away if you haven’t ever made a start by loving yourself and practiced self-compassion.

Our mothers, since eons have played the martyrs, we can get them to love themselves and not play this role anymore. Have you ever tried to tell her to love herself and do what she loves? Have you every encouraged her or anyone you love and care about to pursue their dreams regardless of how impossible it may seem due to age or maybe their passions have been buried deep inside over many years of shouldering responsibilities?

As a teen, getting busy with gizmos and binge on trends, have you forgotten self-compassion and self-love? As a working professional do you have time over the weekends for some self-reflection or will they be used up for long hours of sleep? We do that don’t we? Use weekends for doing almost nothing. What about breaking the weekend routine once in a while if not frequently and reflect?

What happens when you decide to practice self-compassion daily?

You start to build your inner core. Your gut and instincts strengths. What you fear no more has any reason to exist and you are ready to rock and roll in any situation life bequests you with. Through the practice of self-compassion, you are self-learning to stay positive and look at the silver lining till it becomes a conscious habit.

Self-compassion is recognizing your own flaws that are blocking your pathway for personal growth and being a better person. It keeps us strong enough to stay assertive and say ‘no’ to what is unacceptable no matter how complication and emotionally bound you are to any situation. It provides clarity and sets your mind free letting you make right and conscious decisions in every situation.

Many sacrifice their dreams to take care of their families. But they must remember that fulfilling them has a ripple effect on their very own loved ones as well as a motivational factors for others.  You develop ideologies and perceptions that do a greater good not only for yourself but also for humanity at large. It has a noble impact for betterment.

I tell this from my personal experience. Over and over I have been ripped off and discouraged to continue my journey in the creative field, my true calling. Inhuman things done to me to discourage me to follow my dreams, but nothing can stop me. There are people lacking integrity and have power to put you down, but when you build your inner core and know who you are, no tactic can put your dreams to rest.

Dreams create perceptions

You could dream about anything, but how passionately are you willing to work towards it? This is what defines if you will ever fulfill them or not. Sometimes having a dream and working towards it is not enough. You need to be in tune with your spiritual side to expose your mind to the layers of deception, be willing to unmask faces so you know who is your well wisher and who is pretending to be.

This is an essential skill to develop because goodness alone does no good to you as well as other. The more self-aware and self-conscious you are, the better work you are doing to yourself as well as others. We need to practice this in our everyday lives and even with those who are closer to us.

What exactly is spiritual side of our existence?

Ahimsa? non-violence, or assertiveness. Sometimes you meet people who are incorrigible and unscrupulous to an extent that they rejoice being like that. Hardcore criminal psychopathy masked in the form of power needs more than a perception and tact.

It needs you to be in-tune with your spiritual side so you know how not to lose your soul energy because of the intensity of evil you are made to deal with over and over. Not everybody is privileged to deal with things at this intensity. Those who do and choose to stay strong and in-tune with their core have a lot good to give this world.

There are many such finest examples in the history who never gave up regardless of what they have been put through for standing their firm ground. Galileo, and all those who fought hackneyed ideologies that do not constitute to personal growth and evolution.

This is when there is spiritual side to anger, when you stand against unscrupulous and blatant exploitation be it from men or woman. This is the spiritual side to being angry because there is a valid reason to be outraged. Instead of carrying on, have you tried to stay to your inner core? It takes daily practice to keep it strong and not slide away in fleeting ideologies and perceptions. There is spirituality in fighting wickedness and not let it seep into your soul.

Teach your children compassion and to build an inner core

You many or may not do great things but you can teach your children values of compassion and building inner strength. This is an important education and learning not taught in schools because this learning and realizing its importance goes beyond academics.

It does not matter if you hold an exceptional academic record or make a lot of money if haven’t built your inner core. Teach your children there is more power in love and compassion and not Fabian tactics and power-plays because nobility can never be outdated.

Love yourself, no matter who puts you down, no matter how many mistakes you make, no matter how flawed you are or have been. Love yourself no matter how bruised you feel because bitter and hurtful experiences must only make you want to look into your inner world and keep it strong.

If you haven’t learnt to love yourself, you will not know how to give it to someone you care about. Unconditional love is what emotionally strong and self-aware people understand and know whom to give away to. It also teaches you who does not deserve empathy and love. You can evolve as a person when you practice self-love and self-compassion daily.

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