Building Resilience For Entrepreneurs And Everyday Life

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Overwhelming experiences of life can affect your soul energy and make it difficult for you to find balance and strength. To live a harmonious life despite challenges and adversities, it is a good exercise to build resilience. Tragedies, trauma, relationship and health problems, politics at place of work can shell your want for an upbeat life. You can start with self-awareness to create a protective shield around yourself to kick start each day despite the challenges and being high on energy.  Being determined and tenacious is not enough if you haven’t practiced resilience. Nurturing yourself at every step and creating feel-good moments everyday as a practice can help you build resilience.

People forget to take care of their own emotional well being and get busy role-playing martyrs. Bouncing back with a virgin vigor like nothing has affected your life needs daily practice. We can begin with cutting out all the drama out of our lives and keep things straight forward and in perspective. Do you really seek growth swimming with manipulative, callous people? Seek people with whom your emotions evolve and grow (This we forget to tell ourselves).  Make a conscious decision not to let hurt and pain stay deep inside you.

This happens because we take everything else seriously except our own well being. We send ourselves on guilty-trips when it comes to want to take care of ourselves, indulge in things that give us peace. Making a practice to take care of yourself strengthens your inner core. You become emotionally strong each day without having the need to build walls around you to protect you.  When your emotions evolved, you learn to give more without depriving yourself of the happiness your deserve and the conscious effort to drive away pain and agony settled inside you.

Protect Your Soul Energy

Being childlike and enjoying moments that impart pleasure and happiness is not immaturity. You are protecting your soul energy being child like. Extreme emotions do more harm than good. They plot a story you never wanted to write. They create scenarios which do not add to your personal growth. Drama is good for television and films. But when it comes to dealing with emotions in real life, drama when replaced with emotional intelligence creates avenues for building relations and dealing with the most difficult situations diligently without losing your soul energy no matter what is at stake, and who is involved.

This not easy to practice because the human nature is drawn to drama. We love drama, don’t we? It takes conscious practice to drive away all of it and keep things simple and straight. Practicing this, we have less to complain about and be more thankful for all that we have. Only you can be aware of your soul energy. Are you losing the vim you once had? Did you stop doing things that you love for so many years that you have forgotten you once loved pursuing those hobbies or activities? Protect your soul energy by doing things you love, even if it means once in a while.

Emotional Resilience

When you learn to develop emotional resilience, you will learn to adapt to any stressful changes and make a progress. A few people have this inborn trait while others can develop it by learning to manage and cope up with stress in a better way without losing mental balance.

To develop emotional resilience you have to be aware of your emotions and what triggers them. You can put yourself in the best of everything by developing this magical trait which is more about being self aware and knowing what affects your individual psyche at an emotional level.

Emotions are powerful tools that can make or break our subconscious, something that we ignore as a result of negligence. We are doing this because we are procrastinating and neglecting to want to take care of our emotions and emotional well being and stay in toxic relations personally and professionally that drag us down and have no positive effect on our lives.

Developing emotional resilience and self-awareness lets you see clearly what is doing good to you and harming you veiled through layers of deception. It gives you the boost to fall in love with all the best thing life has to offer with eyes open.

Control Your Destiny

Only you can control your destiny. No soothsayer or the guy above us has pre-written our destinies. It is what you create with your thinking and responses. When you are not to hard on yourself as well as others, you give yourself a scope for inner growth. The spiritual wisdom germinates to cleanses though patterns and emotions.

You can stay calmer amidst chaos. Through practice it becomes effortless to stay focused no matter what is happening around you. This is what creates Karma, and that is the destiny you create for others to marvel and imbue.

Adversity Is Your Guide Not Destiny

There are no miracles, there is a good thinking that begets good actions even through adversities. A few, I would say, those lucky few are bombarded with adversities they are compelled to handle. But not giving up opens up new notions and fertilizes creative problem solving.

You wouldn’t be doing so much of thinking unless hit by adversities, would you? everything in life is meant to teach you valuable lessons if you are willing to look deeper and not skim through the surface.

Grow Despite Adversity

Adversity is a not an end, but a new beginning, a new phase that lets you look into avenues you haven’t looked before. It lets you challenge your thought patterns and every aspect of your life to want to optimize it with better ways of thinking.

You can seek growth even in the phase of adversity when you develop emotional intelligence. We are not machines. There are life changes and circumstances that can throw us off balance to want to question the purpose of life.

Everything becomes simpler when you put yourself first and stop playing the martyr. The only person who can take best care of you, is you. When you understand what affects your mind and emotions, it is easy to create a resolve that puts you forward instead of letting you stay in bad situations.

Look At Alternative Possibilities – Set Realistic Goals

We all have dreams, some of us do dream big. We can reach those dreams by setting realistic goals and making a practice to manage time daily.  Those who have not learnt to manage minutes have hours to lose. Admirable are those people who have learnt to create a work-life balance.

There is no golden rule for time management. Create one that suits your schedule, personality, and habits and follow through. Be flexible enough to change plans to reach goals, personally and professionally.

Stay Connected To your Inner Core

It is hard to stay connected to who your really are and get lost easily. A periodic ‘me-time’ lets you connect with your inner core and understand the fundamentals of your existence. Grow your inner world and a beautiful meadow within with thoughts and emotions that make you feel good about yourself.

Bounce Back With Vigor

The only way to bounce back is knowing how to take care of yourself and wanting to nurture yourself no matter how numbing life experiences can be. You are here to give the best of your two cents at least in which ever way you can. Bounce back and inspire the world with all the good you have within yourself.

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