9 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

Time Management Entrepreneurship seems to be in vogue, however, its takes more than passion and discipline to keep the business sailing. Working on an idea to turn it into a business needs more ingredients than clarity, vision, and grit. Effective time management is essential for entrepreneurs to keep an even keel on various business processes. Time management is directly linked to productivity which in turn effects the entire cycle of the way the business functions on a day-today basis.

Time is Money

This isn’t a muse, but a hardcore reality and the anthem of any successful business. Those who have learnt the art of time management, have succeed in prioritising crucial tasks and getting the job done in the prescribed time. Mastering time management is about understanding distractions and keeping them at bay, and focusing on the tasks on hand. Here are effective techniques you can execute to manage your time effectively to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

Make a list of distractions

How many times do you check your email? How much time do you spend on social media and coffee breaks? These are time suckers and distractions that keep you away from important tasks. Taking small breaks can boost your productivity, but taking many breaks without keeping a tab on time hampers productivity. Make a list of distractions, and keep the list on post-its so you can view the list and avoid these distractions. This can help your prioritise the tasks which are important and get them done.

Use the morning time for important tasks

Eat that frog in the morning time. Schedule the most boring yet the most important task to be done in the morning. This advice might not be applicable to those in the creative fields who are night-crawlers and religiously wake up late due to erratic work schedules. Morning times are the most productive to get a lot of things done. You can use your energy to get on with the most crucial task as it

Prioritise tasks 

Make a list of priorities and keep the list upgraded as you complete the tasks. The most important tasks of the day are the ones which have a serious consequence if you do not get them done. These are the tasks which must be your first priority. Schedule the tasks which bear no consequence if not done as the last priority. Make a check lists of tasks and responsibilities that can be delegated.

Avoid Over scheduling

Avoid meetings which are not important. Call for meetings only when you have to plan or discuss an important aspect of the work. Do not overwhelm yourself creating the to-do list. Eliminate activities which have no effect or impact on the day-to-day functioning.

Automate repetitive work

The work that needs to be done many times a day, can be automated using apps and planning a process. Create a document and a plan to automate work so that all those who are involved to complete that particular task can follow the instructions and guidelines and work effectively.

Audit time with resources

Use apps that audit your time so you understand how your time and resources are being used. This can help you gauge the resources that are utilised and wasted. You can understand which tasks are time wasters and use up more resources against the time scheduled. This is the vital information that you can get to boost your productivity within the given time and manage your resources well.

Multitask with single focus

If your fingers are in too many pies, you can still manage time effectively by focusing on a single task at a time. Use the Promodoro technique where you set 25 minutes for single task and get the job done in that prescribed time. Using this method you can get many jobs done within 12-15 hours of the work schedule.

Keep your mind free from clutter

At place of work you have to inevitably deal with different attitudes and diverse mindsets. Conflicts and crisis can interfere with your work schedule and eat away time. Know how to effectively resolve conflicts during work so that more focus is laid on getting the job done.

Religiously follow a routine

No matter how erratic your work schedules are, follow a simple routine. Set a list of tasks to be done daily and follow it like a gospel. It will help you manage time for unscheduled tasks and help you work smarter. This creates a system and makes your working systematic.

Time management is essential for entrepreneurs, employees, housewives, and every human being no matter what job you do. Effective time management helps your work smarter than harder and leaves a lot of room for leisure eliminating burnouts. You will find more reason to be satisfied with your work and create a better work-life balance with effective time management.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life- Steve Jobs

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